Hummel, Signatures and Trademarks

Always check your Hummel for “Marks of Authenticity”

Always look for the signature of Sister Hummel, it will be incised in the base of most pieces.

 Also look for the trademark. This is the trademark that was used from 1972 -1979

Every authentic Hummel will have one.

Over the years the trademark has changed. The trademark markings on the bottom of your Hummel can have a profound influence on the value of your piece. This is a trademark used in the 1950′s

 Understanding the markings is one of the things that makes collecting Hummels so enjoyable!

Here is a  list of  known trademarks from 1935, there are some that are undocumented and that aren’t on this list – if you have one it could be rare and extremely valuable

1956: 1957: 1958: 1959:
1957-1960: 1960-1963: 1960-1972: 1964-1972:
1972-1979: 1979-1990: 1990-1999:
1999-2008: Current Trademark:

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