Berta Hummel was born in Bavaria. The year was 1909. Her family owned the general store in the tiny Bavarian village of Massing and they lived upstairs. Her father was an artist that had been forced to give up his dream, so he encouraged the creative side of his young and talented daughter.

Soon, the teachers in her one room school house realized her artistic potential could not be reached unless she recieved a more comprehensive art education. They recommended she be sent to the Institute of English Sisters where she thrived while learning the use of watercolors. At the age of 18 Sister Hummel travelled to Munich to continue her art education.

It was here that her idyllic drawings of children caught the eye of Franz Goebel. He immediately recognized Sister Hummel’s unique talent and commissioned a line of porcelian figurines based on her drawings. Sister Hummel died of tuberculosis at the young age of 37, but her art lives on, providing us with a small delicate window to view her Bavarian childhood memories.